Hello Friends, I am Shalini and this is my first blog here on some easy ideas and tips to lose weight rapidly with easily available things in our kitchen.

People with Excessive weight always look bulky, clumsy and less attractive; weight loss is the only solution to that. The general meaning of “Weight loss” means the removal of unnecessary fat that has been gathered in your body. Of late people are much worried about their health, they want to look fit slim and smart but due to their lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and busy schedule they are not able to do exercise, walk or run regularly

Fruits weight loss girl
Fruits for Weight Loss
People who usually suffer from obesity want to lose weight naturally without doing a lot of effort. Natural weight loss is the best approach to deal with it.

There are many home remedies which help you to lose weight easily and quickly without doing any kind of exercise. Though it is a fact that regular Running is the best exercise to remove those extra plump in a short span of time

I am going to tell you those home remedies which will help you to lose weight naturally. Following are some easily available stuff you can try in your daily routine:-   

1. Lemon and Honey (नीम्बू और शहद): Lemon contains Vitamin C which works as a detoxifying agent. Lemon juice works efficiently to reduce weight as it increases the metabolic rate of the body.

Lemon and Honey for weight loss
Lemon and Honey for weight loss
Honey helps to boost your immunity. It is low on the glycemic index and hence does not contribute to calories.

What we can do is to drink half lemon juice and 1 teaspoon honey with lukewarm water on an empty stomach every morning. This combination facilitates the glucose breakdown process in our body and gradually releases the extra fat. It also lowers the risk of cancer and heart-related diseases.

 2. Bottle Gourd (लौकी): This is the best home remedy for weight loss that you can try at home. Bottle gourd works like magic to release fat from the body. Bottle gourd contains high fibre and water content, which keeps you full and helps in reducing the appetite.
You can drink bottle gourd juice to get many good nutrients and keep a balanced diet in check.

Bottle gourd for weight loss
Bottle gourd for weight loss
Bottle gourd also helps you to sleep better, Sound night sleeps improve metabolism and improves our hormone. Each part of our body works congruously in a balanced manner. Sleeping less can also cause increased insulin and metabolism. Thus, sleeping properly gives rest to the body and maintains our systems to help us achieve losing weight quickly.

3Black pepper (काली मिर्च): Adding a pinch of black pepper in your meal really helps in weight loss. Black pepper is enriched with Vitamin A, K, C, and minerals. Black pepper contains piperine, a compound which helps to enhance the metabolic performance and prevents fat accumulation in the body.
Black pepper for weight loss
Black pepper for weight loss
A regular intake of black pepper in whatsoever form helps to weight loss. It gives better results if taken with lukewarm water in the early hours of the morning. You can add a pinch of black pepper powder in your tea and have this before breakfast for getting good results in weight loss.s.

4. Triphala Powder (त्रिफला चूर्ण):

Triphala powder for weight loss
Triphala powder for weight loss
Triphala powder is composed of three healthy fruits (Amla, haritaki and Harad आंवला, हरीतकी और हरड). All three of the fruits are highly nutritious and beneficial for health.  Triphala powder aids in enhancing the metabolism, which really helps in weight loss, It also helps to flush out the toxins from the body and keep the gastrointestinal tract clean. It can be taken twice a day with lukewarm water.

5. Eat more of Whole Grains (साबुत अनाज):
whole grains for weight loss
Whole grains for weight loss
           Whole grains like brown rice, oats, bread, etc, help you to release extra calories from the body. Consumption of whole grains helps in reducing the blood cholesterol which eventually helps in weight loss. People who regularly include whole grains in their diet have a lower risk of fat gain.

Green tea and Ginger tea for weight loss
Green tea and Ginger tea for weight loss
6. Green Tea and Ginger tea: Green tea has caffeine and catechins which is an antioxidant, it increases metabolism. It also helps you to keep you feel “Good”  as well as relaxed from stress. Ginger or green tea bags are easily available in the market.
Green tea boosts the rate of your metabolism (Metabolism is the process that allows the body to convert your food and drink into usable energy) and prevents the storage of fat in 
the body.
Green tea helps in increasing the rate of energy release and fat loss.

7. Carrot Juice

Carrot juice for weight loss
Carrot juice for weight loss

Carrots are a good source of beta carotene, vitamin K1, fiber, potassium, and antioxidants. It is easily available in every kitchen and very effective in reducing fat from the body. We can take a cup of carrot juice every morning after breakfast and can also include it into our Salad and eat them raw; it also helps our skin glow.

8. Vegetables and Fruits: People who are looking for weight loss need to take fewer calories than they are currently taking in their foods.
Vegetable and fruits for weight loss
Vegetables and fruits for weight loss
Fruits and vegetables are loaded with high fibre and water which adds volume into our dishes Vegetables and fruits are mostly low in fat and calories they are also good sources of vitamins and minerals. They make our digestive system strong and keep our body hydrated. 

We shall always include fruits and veggies in our diet plan to lose weight quickly. The best way to reduce weight is to have boiled food; it prevents to put on extra fat in our body. 

9. Cucumber: Cucumber is full of water, vitamins, and minerals. Cucumber releases all toxins from the body and improves our health. 
Cucumber for weight loss
Cucumber for weight loss
Cucumber is loaded with low calorie and high fibre with zero fat. One cup of sliced cucumber has only 14 calories which are less than 1% of our daily needs.

So friends, if you want the best result in a short time there is no way other than doing it regularly without any miss. The best thing about the above stuff is that it is available easily in every kitchen. Good luck in your journey of getting the good shape of your body, looking smart and gorgeous.

Stay healthy, be happy and keep visiting HealthApollo 😃

(Disclosure: The writer of this blog is not a trained medical professional, nor a dietician. All of the information in this blog is based on research and personal experience.)

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