7 Easy ways to get rid of all kind of Allergy In today’s life, Allergy or hyper-sensitivity is a big problem. Some people have problems with changing seasons; there are many people who are allergic to different foods and drinks.
Some of the time sensitivities likewise become a reason for the genuine difficulty.
At the point when our body demonstrates extraordinary affectability to a substance, it is considered sensitive and the substance of which every response has appeared as an allergen.

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Allergies can be caused by any substance, due to changes in weather or heredity. The reasons for allergy include dust, smoke, soil pollen, exposure to pets or other animals, grooming, insect bites, etc., food. Allergies can be caused by substances and with the use of some English medicines; generally, allergy is related to nose, eyes, respiratory system, skin, and food but sometimes in the whole body.

Types of allergy and Symptoms: Different type of allergy has different symptoms which are as follows-

1. Nasal allergy–Sneezing, runny nose, itching, nasal congestion or frequent colds, etc.

2. Skin allergy - Skin allergy is very common in the rainy season. Skin allergies include itching, rashes, eczema, urticaria, etc.

3. Eye allergy–Burning sensation, eyes redness, watery, itching, etc.

4. Respiratory tract Allergies - It can cause serious problems like cough, difficulty in breathing and asthma.

5. Allergic to food and drink: Many people are allergic to food, such as milk, eggs, fish, chocolate, etc.

6. Allergies due to Medicine - Many medicines cause allergic reactions. As the injection of penicillin, some pain Killers, sulfa drugs and some antibiotics are cause allergy.

7. Insects bite–Some people are allergic to biting of insects. Some of these people have only skin inflammation and pain, while some people must go to an emergency.

Precautions: If you are troubled by allergies, then the first thing you need to know is what are you allergic to. Use the precautions below which will help you to get rid of allergy.

1. Do not let the mess around the house.
2. Make the way for more open and fresh air in the house.
3. Do not eat the foods you are allergic to.
4. Do not go from very hot to cold and cold to the hot environment.
5. While riding the bike, tie a handkerchief on the mouth and nose, put a good quality sunglass on the eyes.
6. Mattresses, quilts, pillow covers and sheets, etc. were periodically washed with hot water.
7. Drying the quilts, mattresses, blankets, etc. in the sun from time to time.
8. Do not keep pets at home if you are allergic to them.
9. If you are allergic to the pollen of the plants, Stay away from them.
10. Do not let the spider webs in the house be cleaned from time to time.
11. Avoid dust, if you must work in a dusty environment, then work on wearing a face mask.
12. Many people may also be allergic to fur pets. In such a situation, it is important to keep a distance from them.
13. Numerous individuals get hypersensitive by utilizing different things. For example, bedding, towels, garments worn by others, and so forth. So, they should take extraordinary consideration of this issue.

1. Pineapple: Some people are allergic to throat due to eating pineapple and drinking its juice. But in another form, this fruit is very useful in allergic cough. This fruit contains burning pesticides that are beneficial in burning sensation in the respiratory tract and cough of allergies.

Pineapple for Allergy
Pineapple for Allergy

2. Dairy products: Milk and milk products such as yogurt, cheese, etc. contain germs that improve digestion. It prevents many types of allergies.
Dairy products for Allergy
Dairy products for Allergy
3. Basil: Basil has antioxidant elements, which prevent allergic cough. Make juice by mixing basil and ginger. Now add 3 teaspoons of honey to it. Take this mixture three times a day.

4. Carrot and beetroot Juice: Beetroot and carrot have antioxidant elements. Take 250 ml carrot juice and 100 ml beetroot juice, mix them and drink. it is beneficial in an allergic cough.
Beetroot and Carrot juice for Allergy
Beetroot and Carrot juice for Allergy
5. Honey and Lemon: Lemon and honey contain non-germ elements. It is also beneficial in fighting allergies. Squeeze half a lemon in a glass of warm water and add half teaspoon of honey, drink it every morning on an empty stomach, it gives instant relief in allergic cough.
Lemon and Honey for allergy
Lemon and Honey for Allergy

6.Gooseberry, Honey, and Giloy: People, who have frequent nose allergies, should take 1 teaspoon honey mixed with 1 teaspoon of Giloy and 2 teaspoons of Gooseberry juice in the morning and take it continuously for some time. 
Honey, Gooseberry and Giloy for Allergy
Honey, Gooseberry, and Giloy for  Allergy
7. Aloe vera: People who have a skin allergy, can apply aloe vera gel on their skin. Aloe vera moisturizes the skin as well as keeps skin healthy. Apart from this, aloe vera also works to remove stains or pimples from skin.
Aloe Vera for Allergy
Aloe vera for allergy

Food and your lifestyle play a is a very vital role in allergic diseases, so if you follow all the above remedies and precautions in your diet and life, then you will be able to fight the allergies and will stay away from allergic diseases.

If any of the allergy increases and you are facing severe problems, it is always the best option to consult with the doctor.

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(Disclosure: The writer of this blog is not a trained medical professional, nor a dietician. All of the information in this blog is based on research and personal experience.)

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