Hello friends, If you have gone through About me section of this blog you might have known that I am blessed with a 3-year-old boy, Darsh.  It is the 3rd winter season that I am taking care of my son so I thought why I should not share my experiences, which difficulties I have gone through and what mistake or carelessness made my baby get ill. 

Darsh Chaurasia Geeta
Darsh Reading Bhagwat Geeta
1. It is very important to make sure that your child is dressed properly in cold weather. Keep your baby warm and comfortable in all ways. Do not put too much warm clothing on your baby, as it will make them restless, due to which he will bother you. Wear him/her good thermal clothing which keeps your baby warm and comfortable.

2. Make a habit to wash your and kids' hands too frequently. Always carry hand sanitizer when going outside.

3. Always keep in mind that if your child is going to play outside, then he should be wearing clothes properly, should be wearing a cap, Gloves, socks, and shoes. Please keep your eye on him while he/ she is playing outside. During snowfall, we adults do not want to get out of the house, but the children do not desist from going out. So this is our responsibility to keep them in house and healthy with special care and attention.

4. If your baby started playing with toys then regularly clean it, because of the child has a habit to put almost all things in their mouth.

5. The skin of the children are very soft and sensitive they need special care, so apply a good moisturizer on their skin.

6. Do not forget to massage your baby daily and use good moisturizing oil. Massage helps your baby to grow better and increases blood flow and also increases immunity.

7. Please do not give them cold things to eat or drink, always give them lukewarm water to drink.

8. While giving a bath to your baby, always take care that the water is not too hot or cold, try to not let your baby spend too much time in the water, it may cause them a cold.

9. Always keep the house clean, there are more chances of germs in clothes, so always wear clean clothes yourself and a child too.

10. Try to keep away your kid from those kids or persons who have already cold, cough or flu because these are more infectious diseases.

11. We moms should pay special attention to our kids' diet in winter, try to give them nutritious food, add more vitamins especially Vitamin C enriched foods that boost immunity.

12. Proper sleep is very helpful to keep your baby healthy, so try your baby to take enough sleep.

 Please follow all of the above instructions to make your baby healthy and save them to get sick in the winter season. If your baby gets sick from cold or flu then you can try some safe home remedies. 

Yuvan Chaurasia with Brother Darsh Chaurasia
Yuvi Chaurasia
Home remedies:

1. Stay hydrated: Drinking a lot of liquids forestalls lack of hydration and flushes and diminishes nasal discharges. 

2. Give them steam, it will loosen the mucus from the a chest as well as open the blocked nose.

3. Give them two drops of saline water in each nostril, it will open the blocked nose.
4. Take one teaspoon of oregano seeds and soak them into a half cup of water after 10-15 minutes boil it when the water gets half turn off the flame. Stain it when it will be lukewarm give your child to drink two times a day. It will get relief in cold and cough.

5. Mustard oil: Pour 5-6 garlic cloves, 1 teaspoon oregano (ajwain seeds) in half a bowl of hot oil and heat it well, when the color of garlic turns dark brown then switch off the gas, when cools, filter the oil. Rub it on the kid's chest, feet, back, and throat while sleeping. It will loosen the cough from the chest, opens a blocked nose and helps your baby to get relief from the common cold. Using it regularly makes your baby sleep well at night.

All the above home remedies have been used by me and are very effective. Follow them to keep your baby healthy. If any severe symptoms occur then please consult with the pediatrician.

Stay healthy, be happy and keep visiting HealthApollo

(Disclosure: The writer of this blog is not a trained medical professional, nor a dietician. All of the information in this blog is based on research and personal experience.)

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